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PLAYLIST #312 01.03.2003.
1 holden (france) "je te reconnais" CD "pedrolira" (village vert)
atom heart produced cool electrochanson
2 tin hat trio (usa) "fear of the south" CD "the rodeo eroded" (ropeadope)
hillbilly goes michael nyman
3 oddfellows casino (uk) "put the bird to sleep" CD "yellowbellied wonderland" (pickled egg)
exceptionally funny psychedelic lo-fidom
4 king kora (switzerland) "cebolla" CD "king kora" (recrec)
alpine gnomes find african instruments
5 log (sweden) "lookalike" CD "every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings" (bad taste)
gothic blues a-la nordique
6 meanwhile back in communist russia (uk) "realization" CD "my elixir, my poison" (truck)
as somebody else put it, "lydia lunch fronting mogwai"
7 los lobos (usa) "luz de mi vida" CD "good morning aztlan" (mammoth)
tex mex vets in the wet
8 ogurusu norihide (japan) "3:13" CD "humour" (carpark)
electroacoustic and as humorous as a japanese can get
9 kef time (usa/armenia) "oglan oglan" CD "kef time detroit" (traditional crossroads)
armenian wedding band
10 veranda music (germany) "mother of earth" CD "look of joy" (xxs)
strange-ish cover versions' band
11 sybarite (uk) "the fourth day" CD "nonument" (4ad)
arthouse downtempo
12 jackdrag (usa) "her voice made the angels in hell sing" CD "the sun inside" (shifty disco)
american orgy of an album!
13 sue garner (usa) "even now" CD "shadyside" (thrill jockey)
garner tries laurie anderson quite convincingly
14 minotaur shock (uk) "out of the hot" CD "chiff-chaffs and willow warbles" (melodic)
human electronica with a bird face


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